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A guide to Karcher Scrubber Drier brushes

A scrubber drier is a perfect cleaning tool in both industrial and commercial premises; however, to get the most out of your machine it’s important to have the correct brush fitted for your cleaning application.

Karcher have a variety of brushes available that vary in hardness. For example, if the floor you’re wishing to clean is sensitive, it’s important you select a soft brush. If you’re cleaning concrete flooring, you would require a firm roller brush for maximum effect.

Karcher have a colour system on their scrubber drier brushes, which generally means the darker the colour the stiffer the brush will be. Take a look at the list of brush colours below to help find the correct one for your cleaning application.

1. White - Soft

The white roller brush is ideal for sensitive floors, and where there is a risk of scratching the surface. Thanks to the soft bristles this is also ideal for polishing.

2. Blue - Soft / Carpet

If you intend on using your Karcher scrubber direr for carpets then the blue roller is perfect. The bristle texture and formation makes it ideal for loop-pile carpets.

3. Orange - High/Low

The high/low roller makes light work of uneven surfaces and textured floors, such as non-slip areas. It’s also great for cleaning joints within the floor, making it ideal for locations where a high hygiene standard is required.

4. Red - Medium

This roller brush is the most common, as the medium hardness makes it ideal for most surfaces. If you intend to use your scrubber drier across various textures, this is possibly the most economical option.

5. Green - Hard

The green scrubber brush from Karcher has quite a firm texture to the bristles, so suitable for hard wearing surfaces and areas of stubborn dirt.

6. Black - Very Hard

For extremely hard wearing surfaces such as polished concrete, the black roller brush would be the ideal choice.