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We are pleased to be agents for the MotorScrubber range of machines, including the new Storm handheld balllistic sanitizing unit. For more information including brochures, please get in touch!

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MotorScrubber is a specialist battery operated cleaning machine designed for cleaning detail areas where larger machines cannot access. MotorScrubber is especially popular for cleaning washrooms, stairs and is also lightweight which makes it ideal for cleaning walls.

MotorScrubber is actively used across a diverse range of industries including Hotels, Healthcare (Hospitals & Medical Centre’s), Commercial Kitchens, Restaurants, Bars, Education and also Commercial Vehicle cleaning – a testament to its versatility.

For long-lasting and versatile cleaning products that can be used on a daily basis MotorScrubber is a name you can trust to deliver the best solutions for your application. For more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.